Send SMS without a number – this is how it works


Send SMS without giving your own number

It is impossible to send an SMS from your cell phone without transmitting your number. Of course, there are situations in which one would rather not appear oneself, without even thinking about any illegal activities.

  • If you absolutely need to give someone a warning or enlightenment about a certain situation, or whatever the reasons that have made you think it might be better for the person you’re about to text to even If you don’t know who might be passing on bad news via SMS, it would be appropriate to ‘text’ them without revealing the real sender. You can either use someone else’s mobile phone for this or you have to resort to services on the Internet. However, keep in mind that you do not necessarily have to remain unrecognized by the recipient of the SMS for a long time using this borrowed mobile phone. After all, he can call the number that was sent at any time and thus at least have the opportunity to find out who is behind it.

Send text messages anonymously

Even if you have switched off caller ID on your cell phone, this only applies to phone calls. However, if you send SMS, this cannot be done anonymously. Your telephone number is always sent with text messages sent. To send messages to a cell phone undetected, you have to go to SMS providers on the Internet.

  1. From the multitude of SMS services on the Internet, choose the provider that seems best for your purposes.
  2. The process will now be the same for almost all service providers: After calling up the selected website, you will be asked to enter the phone number to which you want to send your SMS in a form field.
  3. After that, some SMS providers give you the option of entering your cell phone number in an additional text field in order to be able to receive any replies to your SMS, or to do without it in order to remain anonymous.
  4. After entering the text to be sent in a designated field and sending your short message by pressing the respective “send button”, you still have to click on an advertising banner or follow a link with some providers so that your anonymous SMS can actually be sent is brought. However, depending on the system load, it may take some time before the message actually arrives at the recipient after it has been sent.

There are rules when sending anonymous SMS

  • It goes without saying that it is not a criminal offense to send anonymous text messages if you know the recipient in question and do not wish to insult or insult them with your text message, but rather, for whatever reason, want to remain anonymous for the time being.
  • No matter how safe you think you are, never send any SMS intended to harm or offend anyone. When you send the SMS, you are only anonymous to the recipient. Your IP is stored on the respective server on which you are located, so that you can be easily identified by investigating authorities.

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