Install themes for WordPress manually via FTP – this is how it works


Install WordPress themes via FTP

  1. Download your theme and unzip the file.
  2. Open your FTP program and connect to your web storage.
  3. Now go to the online folder called “wp-content” in “themes” and copy the unzipped folder on your hard drive to this online directory.
  4. Close your FTP program and surf to your WordPress blog.
  5. Log into the WordPress content management system and click on Design in the left menu and then on the “Themes” tab.
  6. Under “Available Themes” you will now find the new, just installed interface, click on “Activate”.
  7. Confirm with “OK” and your website layout has been successfully changed.

The previous theme remains saved, but you can remove it from your web storage by clicking on “Delete” and confirming with “OK”.

Insert plugins for WordPress

  • You can not only install themes, but also plug-ins via your FTP program. You can do this in the same way as above, but instead of copying your plugins folder to “themes”, you should copy it to “plugins”.
  • Plugins must also be activated after installation in the content management system. After logging in, switch to the “Plugin” menu item and click on “Activate” below the extension you just installed.
  • So everything that you can install in the WordPress “Admin Interface” can also be installed via the FTP program, provided you have the access data to access your web storage. If you have this data, you have even more choice of themes overall, because only a limited number of installable themes is displayed in the “Admin Interface”.

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