Use a route planner for scooters – this is how it works


Buy route planners for slow vehicles

You don’t need a special route planner for a scooter, you just need a planner that you can program for a slow vehicle. If you want to stock up on software to be able to plan tours with the scooter independently of the Internet, you should pay attention to the following characteristics of the route planner:

  • Check if the offered software has a function that allows you to exclude routes via the motorway. It makes sense that the route planner for a scooter should also have the function that you can also hide roads that are only approved for car traffic.
  • Most modern planners have these features, often listed under the label “toll-free routes” because many trucking companies avoid these routes for cost reasons. But you can only be absolutely sure if the planner is also suitable for bicycle tours.

Configuration for scooters

Regardless of whether you buy a planner or use one of the programs on the Internet, for a tour with a scooter you need to enter a few entries so that you can plan properly:

  • If you choose the shortest route or route with the most attractions, you will usually be directed to secondary roads. The “fastest” configuration will always get you on expressways.
  • You should also enter “prefer country roads” and “avoid toll roads”. With some route planners you can even do without motorways altogether. Check in the overview whether you really are not being directed to the freeway, because since there are also toll-free freeway sections, it is possible that you will still be shown routes via a freeway.
  • The trick, if you state that you are traveling by bike, usually always helps, because then you will only be directed via district and state roads, i.e. roads that you are always allowed to use with a scooter.

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