“Long running script” bug fix


A script is the source code of a website. Various “languages”, such as Java script, can be used to create this. If such a long runtime prevents the construction of the desired page, there is often a programming error. Since the browser still tries to display the page and display the code correctly, a corresponding error message appears. But extensions (addons), which can be installed later in the browser, also trigger this error. Adjusting the settings in Internet Explorer usually helps to correct the problem.

Adjust settings for long runtimes

  1. With Internet Explorer in particular, it often happens that websites cannot be called up because a long-running script is preventing them from being displayed.
  2. In this case, open the “Internet options” via the settings (button at the top right). Select the “Security” tab.
  3. Under “Internet” select “Custom level”. Here you will find the “Active Scripting” option under “Scripting”, which you can deactivate.
  4. After restarting Explorer, the web pages should open again without an error message. If you use a different browser, check the installed extensions.

Scripts in addons throw errors

  1. Extensions installed in the browser often also ensure that the websites cannot be opened due to long runtimes. Since these extensions also contain scripts, you should first deactivate all active addons via your browser’s “Extensions”.
  2. Then restart the browser. You should no longer see an error message. To find out which extension is causing the error message, you can now re-enable each extension one at a time. Restart after activation to check whether the error occurs when accessing a website.
  3. Once you have found the addon in question, updating it usually helps. If this option is not available, uninstall the extension and reinstall it if necessary.

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