Cool YouTube names – this will make your account unique


The largest and most well-known video platform in the world, Youtube, now has so many members that it is difficult to find a creative name for your own account or channel (channel). This name is of great importance, however, as it partly determines whether their channel is remembered or quickly forgotten. A cool name is essential, especially if you plan to make your videos successful.

Find cool names for the account

  • A cool name on Youtube is characterized by the fact that on the one hand it sounds modern and on the other hand it has not been used often in this form.
  • Avoid names that look familiar to you both in appearance and sound. For example, artificial names that are reminiscent of words but are modified are much better suited.
  • Word games such as “door protection association” or “children’s slides and cattle carriage” and the like are examples of this.
  • Also make sure that your name is not too long and does not consist of too many words. The shorter the name, the more memorable it is usually!

Make the Youtube channel unique

  • Once you’ve found a cool name, it’s time to design your account and channel after that name.
  • The name should be at the top of your channel and the background should be themed to match. The more a harmonious overall impression is created and the faster you can see that everything on your channel is related to one another, the better the channel will be received by others.
  • You can change the background and all other subtleties of your channel in the personal settings of your account.

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