5 Best and Most Reliable Hajj Savings Recommendations for 2022


Hajj is a religious journey with a direction to fulfill the pillars of Islam as well as improve the faith. However, for some groups going to perform the pilgrimage is really difficult and seems impossible. Witnessing the hardships experienced by some Muslims, various financial institutions have created the best and most trusted Hajj savings program to be able to go to the holy land in 2022.

Currently there are many types of savings for going on pilgrimage arranged by several financial institutions in Indonesia. But not all of these agencies provide optimal service.

Therefore, before choosing to use one that provides the best Hajj savings services, you should find as much information as possible first.

Just as I have explained, you must be vigilant about determining savings as a place to store Hajj funds. Not all banks have haj savings products because there are special conditions that banks need to be able to comply with in order to manage the haj funds.

Apart from that, the number of cases of fraud in the name of Hajj savings should be one of the things that we should also think about.

Instead of obtaining the means to go to Hajj quickly and cheaply. It is not impossible that the mistake of choosing a financial institution was the beginning of the failure to perform the pilgrimage.

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List of the Best and Trusted Hajj Savings Recommendations for 2022

List of the Best Hajj Savings Recommendations for 2021

Usually, the best Hajj savings will use the concept of sharia so that it is not mixed with usury in a conservative mechanism. Financial institution or in this matter Banksometimes having a subsidiary that operates specifically to manage sharia funds.

And the following banks are called the best places to store your Hajj funds. Here are several Hajj savings facilities that can be done by utilizing the best and most trusted Islamic banks in 2022.

1. BTN Batara Hajj and Umroh iB Hajj Savings

State Savings Bank (BTN) Syariah has the best and most trusted savings product in 2022 for those of you who are getting ready for Hajj and Umrah. BTN Syariah is one of the most popular financial institutions when it comes to Hajj savings.

When you see the number of residents who are so sure to manage the money from their pilgrimage funds. As for the name of the BTN Syariah product, it is the BTN Batara Haji and Umroh iB Savings.

BTN Syariah uses the concept of Mudharabah Mutlaqah or the concept of investment in Islam. So that your Hajj savings are not only collected, but can be increased.

2. BCA Syariah Mabrur Stage Hajj Savings

Bank Central Asia, one of the largest private banks in Indonesia, is interested in managing Hajj funds.

BCA Syariah issued the best product in the form of Hajj savings with the name Mabrur iB Level. This savings is regulated based on the concept of Mudharabah Mutlaqah or for results.

Through the Mabrur Level, you can make an initial deposit of IDR 100,000 and a minimum subsequent deposit of IDR 50,000.

This BCA service is quite unique, because you don’t have to submit it directly. However, the pilgrimage fund deposit will be deducted directly from your BCA Savings, such as the amount and agenda agreed by both parties.

3. BNI Baitullah iB Hasanah Hajj Savings

BNI Syariah, is an Islamic financial institution that has the most sophisticated haj fund control mechanism. The BNI Syariah product is BNI Baitullah iB Hasanah, a special savings account for the best Hajj and Umrah that uses the Mudharabah pledge.

When compared to some of the previous products, the advantage of BNI Syariah is the clarity of obtaining Hajj packages for customers. BNI Syariah gives freedom to make deposits in Rupiah or Dollars.

The BNI Syariah Hajj savings mechanism is directly integrated with the Integrated Haj Computerized Mechanism for the Customer’s Regional Office.

4. BRI Syariah Hajj Savings

Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI) as a state-owned bank that is always loyal in providing support for government programs and projects.

One of its subsidiaries, BRI Syariah, has a well-known Hajj fund program. The program is called the BRI Syariah Hajj Savings which is sold using the Mudharabah pledge or for the best results.

5. Danamon Syariah iB Hajj Savings

Danamon Syariah created a haj fund savings program called the Hajj Idea Savings iB. This savings uses the concept of results in rupiah currency. The monthly deposit of Tabungan Idea Haji iB will be auto-debited from your source account.

Danamon Syariah has a minimum deposit rule of IDR 300 thousand per month. Free of all administrative costs, and free of charge for insurance premiums.

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